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This book is most useful for the initial section of the course and for reference later on. We have traditionally made the book available at the library but the easiest way to access it for this course is to rent it (if you are staying in the field you might want to buy a copy).
Rental is currently $33.51 for the semester at Amazon.
Other Reading Materials. Other reading materials will be assigned from time to time. Typically these will be published research or white papers. If these are in the public domain they will be posted on the open part of our web site. If they are copyrighted they will be made available to enrolled students via the "Course Materials" section of the site.
Some Other Resources

Lecture-related Resources and Links

September 29, 2021 Lecturer: Ariel Stern

Resources addressing the topic: what is the underlying mechanism of clinical benefit from combination cancer therapies? 1. A 2017 manuscript revisiting a 50 year old hypothesis about "independent action" and betting hedging. 2. A pre-preprint and in-development web site seeking to liberate clinical trial data so rigorous retrospect data analysis is feasible (work of last year's TA Deb Plana). 3. A 2021 manuscript from the Merck oncology group considering the impact of independent action on trial and product prioritization.
Joshua Krieger - Harvard Business School Professor and colleague of Ariel Stern who works on health care economics, drug pricing, and innovation.
Tropical Disease Priority Review Voucher program - official FDA description of program
Two additional readings has been added to Course Material.
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