09/20/2021: New course deliverable document has been uploaded. Languages in the new version reflect slight changes in the final project guidelines.

09/16/2021: Lecture 1-6 materials are uploaded in Course Material. Lecture 3-6 material is currently from 2020 - they will be updated shortly after this year's lectures. A new version of syllabus is also available now.

09/10/2021: Lecture 2 reading material and In the News group assignment is now available in Course Materials.

09/09/2021: Lecture 1 material and In the News example slides posted in Course Materials.

09/02/2021: 2021 Syllabus and Deliverables documents updated; Details to come for Harvard students for MIT campus access.

08/23/2021: Website updated for 2021 Fall semester. First day of lecture will be September 8th, 2021.

10/10/2020: Required reading for 10-14 lecture available on Dropbox.

10/5/2020: Required reading for 10-7 lecture available on Dropbox.

09/15/2020: Required reading for 09-23 lecture available on Dropbox.

9/11/2020: Slide deck and reading materials for Lecture 3 now available on Dropbox.

9/10/2020: Note please check your spam folders for missed course emails

9/9/2020: Revised slide deck for Lecture 2has been added to Dropbox (added after lecture was over) to fix problem with hyperlinks. Whenever available, links on slides are directed to public domain resources and publications. Some additional slides have been added to address questions raised in class and these will be addessed in the next letter.

9/9/2020: Reading materials (optional) for the lecture have been added to Dropbox.